Woodburn Endoscopy Center

Woodburn Endscopy Center - Patient FAQ'S

What hours are you open?

The center is open from 6AM to 5PM Monday - Friday

How do I schedule an appointment for a procedure?

If you are a new patient looking for a gastroenterologist, please look under the tab "Our Team" on the home page of the website for a list of all our board - certified gastroenterologists. All appointments are to be scheduled by calling their offices.

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Can I get a copy of my medical records?

You are entitled to request a copy of your medical records and we are happy to oblige your requests.

Does my doctor and anesthesiologist accept most insurance plans?

WEC accepts MOST insurance plans. EXCEPT Medicare (all parts), Medicaid, Tricare, GEHA, ANTHEM Health Keepers Plus and Humana.

How many bills will I receive post my procedure?

There will possibly be four charges associated with your procedure. Please be aware that they are all separate, and are NOT related to each other:

  • The physician that performs the service
  • The anesthesiologist
  • The facility where you are today - Woodburn Endoscopy Center
  • Possibly a pathology bill; if there were biopsies done
How do I pay my bill(s)?
Do I need to re-fill my paperwork after seeing my Gastroenterologist at the office?

If this is your first time having a procedure at the center, you are required to fill out our paperwork since we are considered a separate facility. If you happen to come back for a procedure within the SAME year, you are not required to re-fill your paperwork.

When do I get my results?

It usually takes one to two weeks from your procedure date. Please contact your GI doctor's office for results.

Does your center offer Wi-Fi?

Yes, we do offer Wi-Fi services to our patients.

Does my ride need to remain staying?

If your procedure is scheduled on and after 2:00 PM or later, your ride MUST be with you in the office prior to and during your procedure.

Does my ride have to be 18 years or older?

Yes, we ask that you arrange for a ride who is 18 years or older.

I would like to cancel my procedure?

Please call your GI doctor's office to cancel your procedure or reschedule.

Do you offer Transportation Service Companies if I cannot find a ride?

Yes, we do. Please call us for details. The cost will be to the patient and not the center.